How do I send the required documents?

The application form and the copy of your passport may also be send by e-mail or fax (+30 2310997573) but the certificate of studies must be sent by post or courrier service so that it has the original stamp on it (simple or scanned copies of titles of studies are not accepted).

When do I send the documents?

All the required documents should be send or handed in to the School’s Secretariat till the application deadline mentioned for the course you wish to attend.

Can someone else hand in my documents?


Can someone else withdraw my documents?

No, you withdraw your documents or authorize a person to do it instead of you. The authorisation is verified by a police departement or a KEP service.

Where and how do I verify my certificate of studies?

The certificate of studies is verified for its authenticity by a Greek Diplomatic authority of the foreigner’s country in Greece or stamped with the APOSTILLE seal according to the Hague Convention (www.hcch.net/index_en.php?act=text.display&tid=37) and is officially translated into Greek or English.

When should I pay the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is paid upon your arrival at a bank account for which you will be informed by the Schhol’s Secretariat the day of the placement test.

How can I get a scholarship for attending a course?

Scholarships are granted only for the attendance of the Intensive Monthly Summer Course by the Department of Studies of Aristotle University (http://dps.web.auth.gr).

Can I apply for a course and take a visa for studies?

No, the enrollment in the courses does not secure the issuing of a visa for studies. This visa is issued only to those who have been accepted for studies (undergraduate or post-graduate) in a Greek University or are scholarship holders of the Greek Government. Nevertheless, you may come with a tourist visa (with a maximum duration of 90 days) covering you for the duration of the course you wish to attend. Information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.mfa.gr/www.mfa.gr/el-GR/Services/VISAs/ForEmigrants/.  

Is accommodation provided for the attendance of the courses?

The School provides accommodation at the University’s Dormitories only for the attendance of the Intensive Monthly Summer Course and only for a limited number of students. On the link “The city” on our webpage you find information data for residence in Thessaloniki.


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