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  1. How do I send the required documents?

You only apply online at https://portal.smg.auth.gr/portals/student/#/auth/login.

  1. When do I send the documents?

All required documents must be sent online until the application deadline for each course.

  1. Where and how do I verify my certificate of studies (high-school certificate, bachelor, master etc..)?

The certificate of studies is verified for its authenticity by a Greek Diplomatic authority of the foreigner’s country in Greece or stamped with the APOSTILLE seal according to the Hague Convention (www.hcch.net/index_en.php?act=text.display&tid=37) and is officially translated into Greek or English.

  1. When and how do I pay the registration and tuition fees?

The registration fee and the tuition fee are paid during the application procedure at the following bank account and until the application deadline.

Piraeus Bank

ΙΒΑΝ: GR 04 0172 2020 0052 0200 2079 976


Project number: 81546


  1. When do I get an answer to my application?

You will receive an answer in about 10-15 days after receiving all the required documents.

 Where do lessons take place?

Lessons take place at the School of Modern Greek Language behind the Old building of Philosophy School https://auth.gr/en/access and in the building of the School next to the French Institute of Thessaloniki (Leoforos Stratou 2A & Nap. Zerva Street.).

  1. When do classes occur?

In the 20hrs/week courses classes take place every day (Monday-Friday) for 4 academic hrs/day. In the 10hrs/week courses classes take place 3 days/week.

  1. How many absences can I have?

Yes, but you will need to attend at least the 80% of the total hours of a course in order to get a certificate of attendance with a grade. Only in the yearly courses there is a limit of absences shown in the table below:

Yearly 20 hrs Yearly 10 hrs
Absences during a month 10 5
Total absences 30 15
  1. Do I get a reduction in the registration and tuition fees?

There is no reduction in the registration fees except for students applying for 2 or more courses during an academic year for which they will only pay the registration fee once.

There is a reduction of 35% of tuition fee in one of the members of the same family attending the same program.

 How do I test my Greek language level before the beginning of classes?

If you are not a total beginner in Greek, you will need to take an online placement test. You receive relevant information and a password for entering the online platform for the placement test by email.

  1. Where do I find the syllabus of classes?

On the following link https://smg.web.auth.gr/may2019b/?page_id=596&lang=en you find the syllabus for beginner to advanced level.

  1. What kind of certificate do I get upon completion of a course?

Upon the completion of a course the student may get a certificate of attendance with a grade on it provided he/she attended the 80% of the total hours of the course and take the test in the class.

A certificate of attainment of B2 level is issued only if the student succeeds in the exams held twice/year https://smg.web.auth.gr/may2019b/?page_id=560 for entering a University in Greece or after succeeding in the exams for the certificate of Attainment in Greek in all levels (A1- C2) https://www.greek-language.gr/certification/.

  1. Is accommodation provided?

The School does not provide accommodation.  On the following link https://smg.web.auth.gr/may2019b/?page_id=467&lang=en you find the contacts of some people who informed us that they rent rooms/apartments to students and you will need to contact them personally for being relatively informed.

  1. Can I get a scholarship for a course?

Scholarships are granted for the attendance of some courses by the Department of Studies of Aristotle University https://dps.auth.gr/en, the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs https://www.studyingreece.edu.gr/ and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs https://www.mfa.gr/en/.

  1. Useful links

Official portal of the ministry of Education https://www.studyingreece.edu.gr/

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki https://auth.gr/en

Municipality of Thessaloniki  https://thessaloniki.gr/?lang=en

Ευφυές Σύστημα Διαχείρισης Αστικής Κινητικότητας https://www.mobithess.gr/


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