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Certificate for attainment in Greek

Certificate for attainment in Greek (levels επίπεδα Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2, Γ1, Γ2 & A2 for professional purposes)

The School of Modern Greek Language is an examination centre for the Certificate for attainment in Greek. The exams are held once a year (in May). For more information check www.greeklanguage.gr. The exams for A2 level for professional purposes are held 3 times/year (October, January and May).

Exams in May 2022 will be held for all levels during 23-25/5/2022 according to the following schedule (click on the level link to check it):

Α1: Monday 23/5/2022

Α1 for children: Monday 23/5/2022

Α2: Monday 23/5/2022

Α2 for professional purposes: Monday 23/5/2022

Β1: Monday 23/5/2022

Β2: Tuesday 24/5/2022

Γ1: Tuesday 24/5/2022

Γ2: Wednesday 25/5/2022


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